Reliability Driven, Non-preemptive Real Time Scheduling on Heterogeneous Systems

N. Auluck and D.P. Agrawal (USA)


real-time scheduling, periodic tasks, cost of dependability, rate of failure, heterogeneous systems, cluster cost.


In this paper, we examine a reliability driven scheduling algorithm for periodic, real time tasks in a heterogeneous environment. The system is heterogeneous in that each task has a different execution time on a different processor. We introduce two new algorithms called RTPSA (Real Time Periodic Scheduling Algorithm) and RDRTPSA (Reliability Driven Real Time Periodic Scheduling Algorithm) for scheduling periodic tasks on heterogeneous systems. A new metric called ‘Cost of Dependability’ has also been introduced. Our goal is to assign the real time tasks to the processors so as to minimize any increase in the Cost of Dependability. Each processor has a failure rate associated with it. The main objective is to assign clusters with large execution times to processors with low failure rates. The experimental results indicate that RDRTPSA gives a very significant performance improvement over RTPSA in terms of Cost of Dependability values. RTPSA does not take the reliability aspect into account.

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