Performance Analysis of IP Packets over WDM Ring Networks

W.-S. Hwang, J.-H. Ho, and C.-K. Shieh (Taiwan)


IP over WDM Ring Network, Carrier Sense MultipleAccess / Carrier Preemption (CSMA/CP),Performance Analysis.


In this paper, a carrier preemption access control protocol based on carrier sense multiple access schemes has been investigated for supporting IP packets over all optical WDM ring networks. The intention of our protocol design is to reduce the communication overhead of IP packets over optical networks for local/metropolitan area. To facilitate spatial reuse on the bandwidth of all optical ring networks, a special design is made for the carrier preemption scheme. An approximate analysis, base on the M/G/1 queuing model, has been developed to evaluate the performance of our protocol. The results have been obtained from the analytical model over a broad range of parameters.

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