Design of Large-scale Optical Networks

Y. Xin, G.N. Rouskas, and H.G. Perros (USA)


Optical Networks, Topology Design, Genetic Algorithms


We consider the problem of designing a network of op tical cross-connects (OXCs) to provide end-to-end light path services to large numbers of label switched routers (LSRs). We present a set of heuristic algorithms to address the combined problem of physical topology design and log ical topology design. Unlike previous studies which were limited to small topologies, we have applied our algorithms to networks with hundreds or thousands of LSRs and with a number of lightpaths that is an order of magnitude larger than the number of LSRs. We present numerical results for up to 1000 LSRs and for a wide range of system parameters such as the number of wavelengths per fiber, the number of transceivers per LSR, and the number of ports per OXC.

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