Control-message Scheduling for Improving Restoration Times in Optical Networks

G. Sahin and S. Subramaniam (USA)


Optical networks, mesh restoration, restorability, signaling, message scheduling, MILP, GMPLS.


Providing rapid mesh restoration is critical for reaping the full benefits of DWDM networks. This paper considers the backup path reconfiguration process in DWDM networks that use path restoration with capacity sharing. We pro pose a novel approach for reducing the restoration time by coordinating the set-up procedures for the backup paths through scheduling. A mixed integer-linear program (MILP) formulation of the problem of minimizing the restoration time is presented, as well as an online scheduling method (maximum-remaining-time first, MRTF) based on a priority rule that can be easily implemented with minor modifications to the currently proposed signaling protocols. We apply MRTF to our signaling protocols and show that significant reductions in restoration time can be achieved through scheduling, with both the MILP formulation and the MRTF heuristic.

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