Control Engineering Education using an Advanced Control Training System

A. Kaneshige and K. Terashima (Japan)


Control Engineering Education, Advanced Control Training System, Process Control, Servo Control, MATLAB Control Software.


Control engineering is an interdisciplinary area extending across other science and technology fields. Complexity and the incidence of large-scale systems will increase in future, and control engineering will become increasingly important. As such, educational programs encompassing the area of control engineering must be expanded. One problem, however, is that the existing programs for students tend to be attached to conventional mathematics, and we are apt to forget the essence of what control engineering is. This paper introduces an advanced training system for control education developed at the control and measurement engineering laboratory of authors, and describes the control education carried out by this method at our college and university. The education method combining the use of MATLAB CAD software for control with the control experimental devices well is presented. In this system, servo systems such as those of the crane, inverted pendulum, and magnetic bearing system, and process systems such as those involving level control, flow control, and temperature control of liquids and pressure control of gases are prepared. Using the proposed advanced training system, it is expected that a talented person equipped with advanced specialty technology and general knowledge as an engineer will be appropriately educated.

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