Control System for Electromagnet Power Supplies

V.R. Kozak, E.A. Kuper, A.S. Medvedko, S.P. Petrov, and V.F. Veremeenko (Russia)


Components and Hardware, Scientific Research, Embedded, Controller


A set of power supplies (PS) with output power rated from 100 W up to 10 KW for electromagnets was developed. These PS have range of current tuning of 60-80 db with high accuracy (error should be less than 0,01%). Some types of power supplies have bipolar output current. The report will describe a set of unified embedded devices for control and measurements of PS incorporated into distributed control systems. These embedded devices includes DAC, ADC with multiplexers and status input/output registers. The devices include microprocessor and allow work with minimal host involving. This capability decreases traffic, provides synchronous tuning of all electromagnet elements of particle accelerator and increases reliability of entire system.

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