Influencing of Informative Technologies on Formation of Social – Psychological Model of Organization of Educational Process

M. Abramova (Russia)


Formation, model of educational process, informative technologies.


The formation of modern social - psychological model of organization of educational process guesses revision of priorities in attitude to subject - object of training. The social - psychological analysis of the contents of formation is determined by the characteristics of the purposes, and also their cognition (verbal of knowledge), affective (emotional sphere) and conation amounting. Outside of research attention and count often are remain macro condition of the system of education and its different subsystems. The most important relevant a problem of the subject of formation, that is what measure the pupil must be and can be the full participant of educational process. In the psychological plan the democratic (humanist) moments are connected with possibility of realization by the person of functions of the subject of activity in a full enough volume. The actuation of informative technologies in educational process allows not only to optimize it, but also positively to decide many psychological problems arising during interplay of the schoolboy and a teacher, in condition of reforming of the educational system.

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