Rule-based Estimation and Control for Formation Flying

F.Y. Hadaegh, D.P. Scharf, and B. Kang (USA)


Formation flying, Rule-based control and estimation, Deadband synchronization


: This paper addresses estimation and control problems specific to formation flying of space craft that can be approached with rule or logic based methodologies. A decentralized and self-centered framework of the estimator is formulated and shown to be as a feasible estimation architecture under formation reconfiguration or formation member failures. A rule-based strategy is applied to the problem that switches the gain of the linear observer of the formation. Each gain set is derived from a constant gain linear observer optimized for either formation member acquisition or steady state operation. This particular strategy has the advantages of onboard computational efficiency and fast filter convergence during formation initialization or formation member acquisition. A particular problem in formation fly ing control is then discussed: deadband synchronization. A model for deep space formations is derived and is used to develop a rule-based algorithm for the synchronization of translational deadbands for mul tiple spacececraft interferometers. Two-spacecraft simulation analysis was performed to demonstrate and validate the efficacy of the estimation and control algorithms.

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