Two-rate Neuro-fuzzy Hybrid Control for Model of an Experimental Aircraft

I. Astrov and E. Rüstern (Estonia)


Neuro-Fuzzy Systems, Stochastic Systems, Multirate, Aircraft Control


This paper describes a two-rate stochastic control system as state-space (SS) type decentralized models of multi input/multi-output (MIMO) stochastic subsystems with the neural network (NN) and fuzzy logic (FL) control structures. An illustrative example – neuro-fuzzy (NF) hybrid control of two-rate decentralized stochastic model of a tracking system for an experimental aircraft – was carried out using the proposed two-rate SS decentralization technique. This example demonstrates that the research technique results in simplified low-order MIMO autonomous subsystems with various discretization periods and with various speeds of actuation, and shows the quality of the proposed technique. The simulation results were obtained using the software package Simulink.

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