Detection of Abnormal Structures in Aerospace Images

A.A. Buchnev, V.P. Pyatkin, and G.I. Salov (Russia)


- modeling and simulation, image analysis, object-oriented programming, parallel computing


– Nonparametric statistical tests to detect different structures on aerospace images (AI) such as boundaries, linear and circular structures are proposed. The solution a number of problems of remote sensing with the use of nonparametric statistical tests are discussed by the way. The problems associated with the implementation of the functional software for the AI automated processing system are also considered. In the development of the software for the aerospace images processing the preference is given to the Microsoft Visual C++ environment. In the chosen system of object oriented programming the window user interface has been developed and a number of algorithms for the aerospace images processing have been implemented. The results of a number of algorithms implementation using parallel computing technologies are discussed.

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