Rescaled Range Method based Topographical Image Analysis

E. Soundararajan and A. Sanwar (USA)


fractal dimension, local roughness, topographical image.


Estimation and characterization of the surface are important and challenging issues in topographical research. The traditional analysis methods are inadequate and limited to describing the characteristics of real surfaces. In this paper we explore the use of a fractal based approach in order to determine the optimal method for mapping surface properties. The use of fractal dimension in this field is a relatively recent approach that is rapidly developing. The appeal of fractal based methods stems from their ability to process noisy data with local roughness and represents the discontinuities such as peaks or jumps in an image. Several topographical images were used in this study to illustrate the exploratory image analysis inherent in the fractal methods. The resulting images provide a convenient means of visually conveying tremendous amount of image information. Analysis carried the use of rescaled range analysis based fractal dimension for characterizing the local roughness.

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