Investigation of the Earth’s Surface Reconstruction Accuracy from the Sequence of Space Images

V.S. Kirichuk, V.P. Kosykh, and G.I. Peretyagin (Russia)


Relief reconstruction accuracy, Ground control points, Estimation camera orientation.


Reconstruction of three-dimensional (3D) objects from images sequence has been by research topic for many years. Important theoretical and algorithmic results were achieved. Nowadays however the emphasis is shifting. The numerical quality becomes one of the main points of attention. The goal of this work is to investigate the potential accuracy of reconstruction of the scene structure from the sequence of images of the Earth's surface area obtained by a moving partially calibrated camera on space ship. As part of this problem we consider the task of absolute orientation by using the ground control points and their corresponding projective coordinates on a series of space images. The technique based on computing the singular value decomposition of a derived matrix was used to precise estimation of the camera orientation angles. In work the dependency of estimates accuracy on the number of ground control points and on the noise level in their corresponding projective coordinates was examined. Experimental results of processing the sequence of space images are presented.

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