Computer Modeling of Some Algorithms in Cone-Beam Tomography

D. Badazhkov (Russia)


Cone-beam tomography, 3D Radon transform, reconstruction algorithm.


The approximate algorithm of tomography reconstruction based on calculation of three-dimensional Radon transform (Integrals on planes) on cone-beam data (Integrals on beams) is offered. This approach uses well known three-dimensional Radon transform for object reconstruction. The algorithm surpasses essentially in speed exact methods of cone-beam reconstruction. This allows qualitatively estimate internal structure of object and can be used for preliminary research. Algorithm of reconstruction has been considered for spiral x-ray source trajectory. With use of the algorithm the computer modeling of reconstruction of test object is carried out. This problem is of interest in nondestructive testing of industrial production and in processing objects changing with time, such as a heart, multiphase flow, etc.

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