A Hybrid Protocol for Broadcast Storm Problem in Mobile Ad Hoc Network

D. Kim (USA) and J-C. Cano (Spain)


Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Broadcast Storm Problem, Distance-based, Counter-based.


Many protocols used in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks rely on the broadcasting capability, especially when performing a route discovery process. However, an efficient broadcasting protocol should be devised to reduce the unnecessarily redundant rebroadcasting at some nodes (redundancy) as well as to reach the nodes as many as possible (reachability). Distance based and Counter-based approaches have been developed in the literature. However, they have the advantage and disadvantage with respect to increasing reachability and decreasing redundancy. In this paper, we proposed a hybrid scheme of the two approaches. Simulations reveal that our proposed scheme can be an efficient candidate approach to accommodate two goals, namely high reachability and low redundancy.

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