Mobility and Network Management in Ad Hoc Networks

J. Costa-Requena, R. Kantola, and N. Beijar (Finland)


Ad Hoc, Mobility Management, Linkstate, Routing, Service Discovery.


The Ad Hoc network area is currently under development, and there are many proposals to decide the right technology in terms of routing protocols, addressing, and interoperability. To provide an appropriate mobility management in an Ad Hoc network, it is necessary to support the concept of link state protocols. For that purpose, this paper studies an approach that classifies the Ad Hoc nodes into smart and dummy nodes. The smart nodes have the functionality to maintain the link state information and taking care of the mobility management. The proposed architecture relies on these smart nodes that keep the topology information and provide the required services to enable network mobility. The nodes implement a routing component that keeps the routing functionality and performs the replication and synchronization mechanism among the existing smart nodes in the Ad Hoc network. This paper also evaluates the possible solutions for data synchronization when implementing routing in Ad Hoc networks.

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