Quantitative Characterization of Content-based FEC Techniques on Interactive-Audio over Wireless Networks

J.M. González (USA)


Wireless Networks, Forward Error Correction, WaveLAN, Simulation


Packet-based wireless networks, a popular medium to transmitting interactive audio streams, present a bursty packet loss behavior that introduces an important quality degradation problem. In order to make continuous streams resilient to transmission on lossy channels, several researchers have proposed the use of Forward Error Correction based in the use of content-based redundancy (CB-FEC) ([3, 14, 8]). This paper describes the parameters defining CB FEC approaches, and presents a novel, simulation-based, quantitative characterization of the sensibility of CB FEC performance to them. It also studies the different approach tradeoffs, and how they can be used to increase the fidelity of interactive audio streams at the receiver. The simulation presented in this paper is limited to a particular underlying network, WaveLAN. The simulation can be easily extended to other wireless/wired channels, or even a topology made up of heterogeneous links

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