A new Approach for Delivering Non-Standardized Assistance Data in E-OTD/A-GPS Hybrid Location Systems

I. Martin-Escalona, F. Barcelo, and J. Paradells (Spain)


LBS assistance data, hybrid location systems, E-OTD/A-GPS, Location.


This paper introduces EMILY, a new E-OTD/A-GPS hybrid location system that improves the coverage and accuracy of the location solutions in GSM/GPRS/UMTS networks. This improvement requires delivering some new assistance data, in addition to the E-OTD and A-GPS assistance information foreseen in the standards: current location protocols do not permit the delivery of these assistance data in a standard manner. This paper presents the importance of non-standardized assistance information in hybrid location systems such as EMILY and sets a strategy to send this kind of assistance information to the mobile station using the current location protocols.

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