Hierarchical Hybrid OTDM/WDM Network based on Ultrafast Photonic Processing

H. Sotobayashi (USA/Japan), W. Chujo and T. Ozeki (Japan)


Photonic network, Fiber optic communications,Wavelength division multiplexing, Optical timedivision multiplexing, Photonic processing, Nonlinearoptics


Future photonic networks will perform routing and switching in the optical layer based upon ultrafast photonic processing. A hierarchical hybrid optical time division multiplexing/wavelength division multiplexing (OTDM/WDM) network is proposed for the future core photonic network. As enabling technologies for the hierarchical hybrid OTDM/WDM network, C- and L wavelength-band signal generation, OTDM-WDM multiplexing format conversions, and ultrafast wavelength-band conversions are demonstrated.

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