Traffic Analysis of Data Transmission on Hybrid Fiber Coax Network

M. García, X.G. Pañeda, D.F. García, V.G. García, and R. Bonis (Spain)


Channel characterization, HFC, self-similarity, ATM


This paper describes the traffic analysis of the telecommunication network of a cable operator providing data services. The operator’s network is based on a hybrid fiber coax (HFC) network using ATM technology. The analysis is based on the measurements of the whole HFC network, taken on two different dates, with approximately a year’s difference. In this work we show the main characteristics observed in the traffic, and later establish relationships between the traffic parameters and the number of subscribers into each channel of the network. The traffic properties analyzed are: pattern evolution in the time, seasonal patterns, the mean and peak values of the traffic and their relationship, the variance, and correlation. This last property suggests that the traffic presents the statistical property of self-similarity. So, this analysis also checks that self-similarity is present in both upstream and downstream channels.

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