Intersymbol Multiuser Detection for Asynchronous CDMA in Multipath

G. Zhang and G. Bi (Singapore)


Antenna and receiver design, circular polarisation, mobile communications, printed antennas


In mobile satellite communications, a phased array antenna is considered to be the best candidate for mobile platforms such as aircraft or car. In this paper it is presented two solutions of printed radiating elements, which deal with the particular case of synthesizing circular polarized phase scan antenna array. The first solution is based on utilizing truncated square patches as circularly polarized elements and the second solution deals with anti-resonant dipoles. In the present paper it is also presented results of measurements, which have been done for small arrays that consist of four and eight radiating elements respectively. These arrays can be considered as elementary sub-arrays for the synthesis of larger phase scan array. Measurements of two concepts of small prototypes of passive low-profile phase scan antennas, which use these sub-arrays, are also presented. The scope of this paper is to present two solution for one-dimensional circular polarized scan antenna array, according to the new tendencies in the development of the mobile satellite communication.

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