Two New Approaches for QAM Constellation Classification in Multipath

H. Roufarshbaf and H. Amindavar (Iran)


QAM constellation, identification, equalization.


In this paper we describe two real time classifiers of un known finite point QAM constellations over an nonideal channel. In the proposed schemes, first the transmitted symbols are recovered over a band-limited channel us ing the inherent cyclostationary characteristics of QAM signals. After equalization, the constellation is deter mined in face of an unknown rotation due to equalizer using a clustering approach, or Zernike moments. These methods are found to be effective in nonminimum phase channels since they use the cyclostationary characteris tics of the input signals to mitigate the destructive nature of the channel. The performance of the new classifiers are shown for high bit rate high density QAM constella tions in presence of AWGN.

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