Co-Channel Interference Probability of Cellular Mobile Radio in Generalized Fading and Correlated Shadowing Environment

M. Abdel-Hafez (UAE)


Probability of co-channel interference, multipath fading, shadowing, cellular mobile radio


This paper presents an exact formulation of the probability of co-channel interference (PCI) in multi user radio systems where signals of desired and co channel interferers undergo Nakagami fading and correlated log-normal shadowing. We considered strongly correlated interferers with identical local mean powers. The fading parameter of the desired user is shown to have large effect on the probability of co-channel interference, while the fading parameter of the interfering signals are shown to have little effect. The effect of correlated shadowing on system performance shown to be most effective compared with unshadowed and uncorrelated case. The randomness of mobile locations in their corresponding cells was shown to influence the PCI significantly.

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