Study And Modeling Of Noise On The Medium Voltage Part of the Electrical Power Distribution Network

F.J. Simois and J.I. Acha (Spain)


Power line carrier, noise modeling.


The purpose of this paper is to summarize an extensive set of measurements made to characterize the noise present on the medium voltage part of the electrical power distribution network. These measurements were taken at a power substation for a month by means of a spectrum analyzer. The frequencies considered range from 30 kHz to 1 MHz, well above the allowed band specified in the European or American standards to communications over power lines. These noise measurements are important for the design of communication systems, such as power line carrier, which use the distribution line as a communications medium. Several kinds of noise are studied, including impulsive noise, switching and non-switching periodic noise and back ground noise. In particular, the behavior of noise levels as a function of time of day is analyzed. Finally, a statistical model is also shown.

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