A Differentiated Multicast Controlling Mechanism for Layered Video Delivering on the Best-Effort-Based Networks

C.-M. Huang, Y.-T. Yu, and W.-C. Tseng (Taiwan)


Multicast, Flow Control, Layering, Mbone, Mrouted,QoS.


Due to the heterogeneous connection architecture of Internet, receivers may locate at different network domains with different bandwidth capabilities, especially for multimedia streams delivering. It is hardly to satisfy all receivers' networking situations with a single transmission rate. In this paper, we propose a new QoS controlling mechanism, which is called QoS-based Multicast Gateway (QMG), for multicast multimedia delivering. QMG adapts the transmission rate of each multicast link according to each link's networking situation. To reach the above goal, each transmitted multimedia stream is divided into many media layers. The QMG system provides enhanced QoS controls by dynamically adjusting the transmission rate of each multicast link to reflect the networking situation. By adopting a suitable flow control, the QMG system endeavors to maintain the important information of the layered media streams to optimize the presentation quality in the multicast environment.

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