Optimum Long-Term Planning of a Primary Power Distribution Network

A.S. Safigianni and G.J. Salis (Greece)


Primary power distribution networks, optimum long-term planning, proper conductors, conductor replacement scenario.


An algorithm for the technoeconomically optimum long-term planning of a radial primary power distribution network is proposed in this paper. Load data (annual growth, accurate locations) and technical constraints (thermal conductor capacity, voltage drop, short-circuit strength, conductor tapering) are taken into account in the formulation of the functions of the algorithm. The algorithm finally proposes a network form selecting the proper conductors for the network segments and concrete years with the kinds of specific improvements, which this form must be subject to, inside the plan period, in order to satisfy the continuously growing load in the best technoeconomical way. The optimum long-term planning procedure can be utilized in a long-term optimization procedure, concerning currently operating networks, in order to optimize them technically, as much as possible, with the minimum cost.

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