On-line Contingency Screening and Ranking Algorithm for Transient Stability Assessment

C.M. Machado Ferreira, J.A. Dias Pinto, and F.P Maciel Barbosa (Portugal)


Transient Stability Hybrid Method, Control of Power Systems, Contingencies Screening and Ranking


This paper is devoted to the study and analysis of the dynamic security of an Electric Power System using a new screening and ranking contingency algorithm based on a transient stability hybrid method. This formulation combines the advantages of the time domain integration methods to compute the initial system trajectory with the equal area criterion. The proposed filtering technique consists of three modules, with different complexity levels. In order to validate the established mathematical models as well as the developed software package, the transient stability of a test power network was studied. The results obtained using the developed approach were compared with the solutions produced by a time domain simulation scheme and show a very close agreement. Finally, some conclusions that provide a valuable contribution to the understanding of the power systems security analysis are pointed out.

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