Voltage Stability Analysis Using Modal Analysis and Singular Value Decomposition Methods with a Practical Application

S.A. Al-Fahdi and K.A. Ellithy (Oman)


Voltage stability, MHEW System, Modal Analysis, Singular Value Decomposition.


Voltage stability is an important factor which needs to be taken into consideration during the planning and operation of power systems in order to avoid voltage collapse and subsequently partial or full system blackout. This paper presents modal analysis and singular value decomposition methods to analyze the voltage stability of Ministry of Housing, Electricity and Water (MHEW) interconnected power system. The two methods have been applied to the MHEW system to determine the weakest load areas in the system, which could lead the system to voltage instability. The results presented in this paper have been obtained using the developed MATLAB computer program. The results have also been verified using NEPLAN power system analysis software.

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