Quadratized Induction Machine Model for Power Flow Analysis

A.P. Sakis Meliopoulos, W. Gao, S. Li, G.J. Cokkinides, and R. Dougal (USA)


Induction machine, power flow, power system modeling.


The most common load type in electric power systems is the induction motor. The operational characteristics of these motors play an important role in the power system operation and control. Yet, power flow analysis tools treat load models as ZIP (constant impedance, constant current or constant power). This approach makes the power flow solutions only approximate. More accurate models of induction machines will result in more realistic power system simulation. This is particularly important in today’s environment where power systems are operated closer to their limits. In this paper, we present a new Induction Motor model. The model is named Quadratized Induction Machine (QIM) model because through the introduction of additional variables, it is described with a set of quadratic equations. The model is integrated into a usual power flow algorithm. The overall methodology is illustrated with a small 5-bus system. The proposed model has two advantages: (a) the resulting power flow model is more accurate than usual load models and (b) the convergence characteristics of the proposed model are superior to conventional methods.

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