Angle & Voltage Stability Improvement with Series Compensation

S. Öztürk and Ö.Ö. Gencer (Turkey)


Angle Stability, Voltage Stability, Transient Stability, Series Compensation


It is becoming increasingly important for power system planning and operating engineers to be capable of performing comprehensive angle and voltage stability analyses of the systems. This need is largely due to the recent trends towards operating systems under stressed conditions, as a result of increasing system loads without sufficient transmission and/or generation enhancements. There have been many failures, due to voltage instability in power systems around the world. In recent years many researchers have suggested techniques for voltage stability analysis considering both static and dynamic aspects. This paper is mainly concerned with analysis of transient stability effects of series compensation. The goal of this study is to present certain problem situations that are often encountered in the power system and show how series compensation can be used to improve the system performance.

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