Robust Decentralized Damping Controller Design for Power Systems

P. Shrikant Rao and I. Sen (India)


Stability, optimization techniques, FACTS


This paper proposes a new method of designing robust decentralized controllers for power systems so as to provide a well damped small signal response over a prespecified range of operating conditions. The parametric uncertainty in the system is handled using ideas of set membership as in quantitative feedback theory (QFT). Minkowski addition of sets is used to check the robust non-singularity of complex interval matrices arising in the formulation. Satisfaction of the robustness specifications leads to the formulation of an optimization problem in the controller parameters, the so lution of which yields the desired controller. The method is illustrated with an application for the simultaneous design of a power system stabilizer and a controller for a mid-point SVC in a single machine infinite bus system.

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