Distortion, Unbalance, and Power Factor Compensation using Combined Active Filters

J. Prieto, P. Salmerón, J.R. Vázquez, and Fco. J. Alcántara (Spain)


Filtering techniques, active filters, power factor compensation and conditioning.


In the last years, the Active Power Filters (APF) have been considered an efficient static VAR compensator in distorted current environments. However, in networks with voltage and current distortion, a new approach is necessary; mainly with voltage sensitive loads. In this paper, a new design method for the control implementation of a combined series-shunt active power filter (Load Compensation Active Conditioner, LCAC) for electrical power quality improvement is proposed. This active conditioner allows to cancel source voltage harmonics, to symmetrize the supply voltage, and to eliminate current harmonics and reactive/unbalanced load currents. Practical case results are presented to support the performance of the new control design.

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