Practical Design of an Active Power Line Conditioner using ANNs

J.R. Vázquez, P. Salmerón, F.J. Alcántara, and J. Prieto (Spain)


Power Factor Compensation and Conditioning, Power Quality, Harmonics, Adaptive control, Neural network.


In this paper, a new method to control an Active Power Line Conditioner (APLC) using Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) is presented.. The APLCs are used to compensate the generated harmonics and to correct the load power factor in power systems with non-linear loads. The Pulse Width Modulation control (PWM) proposed is designed with two Neural Networks blocks. On the one hand, adaptive networks estimate the reference compensation currents. On the other hand, a multilayer feedforward network works as hysteresis band comparator. A practical case with Matlab-Simulink is presented to check the proposed control performance. Besides, an experimental prototype was built to test full practical system. The results confirm the possibility and usefulness of controlling an APLC by means of ANNs.

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