Using Time-averaged Model of Series-Parallel Half-Bridge Resonant Converter in Discontinuous Conduction Mode in Controller Design

M.R. Moslemy, E. Farjah, and A. Khayatian (Iran)


Half-Bridge series-parallel resonant converter, Just continuous conduction mode, Timeaveraged equivalent circuit, Discontinuous conduction mode(DCM)


Nowadays, high frequency series- parallel resonant converters are widely used in industries because of their high efficiency, small weight and size. Modeling these converters can make their design very easy. In this paper, an equivalent circuit based on time averaging technique is introduced for modeling series-parallel resonant converters in DCM. This model can be used in stabilization, controller design and verifyinf the current sharing of these types of converters. Only the application of model on converter controller investigated in this paper.

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