A Simple Model of a Three-phase Uncontrolled Rectifier

S. Herraiz, L. Sainz, F. Córcoles, and J. Pedra (Spain)


Three-phase diode bridge rectifier, harmonics.


A simple model of a three-phase uncontrolled rectifier with a capacitive filter working in discontinuous current mode is developed in this paper. The presented model allows the rectifier AC line current harmonics to be obtained in an easy way. Previously, both the width and the peak value of the AC current pulse are calculated by means of analytical equations. This model is obtained when the rectifier working point is defined by the DC current consumption or the DC power consumption. In the second case, the expressions of the model are non–linear and an algorithm is proposed to solve it. The rectifier behaviour is also graphically characterised in both cases from the previous equations by means of normalised values. Two examples of the proposed model application are studied.

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