Power Quality Monitoring in Modern Substation Automation Systems

A. Apostolov (USA)


Power Quality Monitoring, Substation Automation Systems


The development of multifunctional Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED) with extended communications capabilities and high performance allows their integration in Substation Automation Systems. Specialized power quality monitoring devices and protection devices have a certain degree of overlapping in their functionality. This can be used to provide a complete solution to the increasing requirements for power quality monitoring in utility and industrial applications. The paper describes the main power quality events monitored in an integrated substation automation system. It presents the primary functions of power quality monitoring IEDs and how these can be used to complement the protection devices as a form of backup protection. The application of specialized functions in protection IEDs to provide backup power quality monitoring is addressed later in the paper. Requirements for the recording of power quality events are described as well. The architecture of a typical Substation Automation Systems and the integration of power quality monitoring IEDs and protective relays is shown at the end of the paper.

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