Cooling Loads in Typical Opaque Building Structures

A. Tzachanis and C. Sdravopoulou (Greece)


Cooling Load, Simulation, Building structures


This paper presents a new method of calculating instantaneous cooling loads through building walls and roofs in Greece. The method is based on simulation of the daily variation of heat gains resulting from solar irradiation and convection on sun exposed surfaces. The periodic steady heat flow is calculated through the different layers of wall profiles by the one dimensional Fourier differential equation with application of finite differences. By using this method the seasonal variation of cooling loads is recorded for the area of Larissa in W/m2 for the several types of construction and in time steps of one hour. A comparison between the values obtained from the proposed method and similar ones obtained from CARRIER (ETD method) and ASHRAE (CLTD method), shows that a better agreement is achieved by the proposed method and the CLTD method and that the ETD method leads generally to an overestimation of cooling loads.

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