Reduction of Energy Consumption in Auxiliary Service System of Steam Power Plants

A.H. Miragha, R. Barati, and G.B. Gharehpetian (Iran)


Steam Power Plant Auxiliary Service System Energy Consumption, Voltage Profile, Tap Setting, Compensator, Induction Motors


Regarding the relatively high amount of energy consumption in auxiliary service system of steam power plants in Iran, special attention should be paid to its reduction in operation and specially designing stages. The outcome is considerable energy conservation that can be fed into electric network. Therefore, reduction of energy consumption in steam power plants is of great importance from national benefits point of view. To reach this goal, two definite suggestions i.e. tap setting of transformers and installation of reactive power compensators have been presented and evaluated through a comprehensive study for unit 1 of NEKA steam power plant in Iran. Performed studies show that implementing the suggested ideas leads to the significant energy saving over the lifespan of the power plant.

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