Mathematical Model of a Distribution Transformer as Applied to Turn-to-turn Faults Analysis

G. Díaz, A. Barbón, and J. Gómez-Aleixandre (Spain)


Turn-to-turn fault, transformer, model, finite element analysis.


This paper proposes a new mathematical model for a dis tribution or a power transformer, when a turn-to-turn fault exists. The developed model is intended for solving by means of any numerical integration solver software. First, a new theoretical approach about damaged turns functions is presented. Then, this approach is used to define an equivalent circuit that allows to easily solve and under stand the internal fault behavior. Using the same theoreti cal approach, the solution supplied by the equivalent cir cuit is enhanced by means of a mathematical model. A model intended for finite element analysis has been also defined. A distribution transformer rated 2 MVA 30/ 0.66 kV is simulated using this method. The paper briefly explains how the model was defined. Subsequently, results obtained from the simulations are compared to the ones obtained from the numerical inte gration of the proposed mathematical model. Results agree to a reasonable accuracy and suggest the model suitability for relay testing purposes.

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