A New Formula for Calculating the Substation Ground Grid Resistance

S. Mangione (Italy)


Grounding systems, ground grid resistance.


In this paper a new simplified formula for the calculation of substation grounding grids resistance in homogeneous soil is presented, as a result of an intensive parametric analysis of the performance of a wide range of ground grids. With respect to an Author’s previous paper, the new formula presents lower interpolation errors with respect to the more accurate values obtained by computer modelling. Moreover the parametric study has been extended also to rectangular shaped grids and different values of burial depth and conductors size, within the practical range. After the presentation of the available other formulas sug gested in literature and the proposed new formula the re sults obtained with these formulas are compared with the accurate results obtained from the computer available in literature. The comparison results confirm the efficiency and reasonable accuracy of the proposed new formula.

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