Power System Voltage Regulator based on Variable Structure Control with Free Chattering

A. Bensenouci (Saudi Arabia/Algeria) and A.M. Abdel Ghany (Saudi Arabia/Egypt)


Variable structure control, automatic voltage regulator, synchronous machine, power system, and excitation system.


This paper describes the design and simulation of a proposed Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) for a synchronous-machine infinite-bus power system. An emphasis is made on the variable structure control of the generator terminal voltage. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed regulator, a comparative study is carried out between diverse schemes, namely, the IEEE-type 1, the Optimized Proportional-Integral (OPI), the Variable Structure concept based Proportional Integral (VSPI), the classical equivalent control based Variable Structure Control (VSC), and the proposed Optimal Variable Input Control (OVIC). Neuro-Genetic Algorithm (NGA) is used to optimize the controller gains. In these schemes, the control quality improvement is emphasized, namely, chattering reduction, overshoots elimination, etc.

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