Evaluation of Optimal Reactive Power for Vector Controlled Doubly Fed Induction Motor

M.G. Ioannides (Greece)


Doubly-fed machines, induction motor, optimisation, vector control


This paper presents a new method for the optimal control of the doubly fed wound rotor induction machine driving a variable load. Two sources of power are used: one of constant voltage - constant frequency at the stator side and one of variable voltage - variable frequency connected to the rotor side. The latter is supplying to the rotor a voltage vector with controlled magnitude, frequency and angle. The performance index is deduced for optimizing the total reactive power flow through the doubly fed machine under the constraint that a variable load torque is driven at any speed up to the current limit. The solution is a control voltage phasor applied to the rotor for each operating point. The control algorithm is deduced for implementing this result.

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