A CORBA Persistent State Service based on a UML Model to a Relational Database Mapping

S. Mitterdorfer, E. Teiniker, C. Kreiner, R. Weiss, and Z. Kovács (Austria)


UML, CORBA, CCM, Database


In recent years, middleware industry, and particularly the CORBA project, have strongly integrated several aspects derived from databases: persistence, transaction management, security, etc. However, there still is a conceptual ”impedance mismatch” between the CORBA concepts and the concepts used in connection with databases (often referred to as a foundation of persistence). Bridging this gap often leads to significant developing effort. We show a mapping of UML classes (components) to relational databases and focus our work on dynamically generated CORBA interfaces. Starting with an UML model represented in the XML Metadata Interchange (XMI) format, a code generator writes consistent interface definitions and SQL scripts for relational database schema manipulation. This provides enough details for a database access server to allow the building of a database access code at runtime. The server is based on the CORBA Dynamic Skeleton Interface (DSI).

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