A Dynamic Mobile Transaction Management Strategy for Data-intensive Applications based on the Behaviors of Mobile Hosts

I. Park and S.J. Hyun (Korea)


Mobile Databases, Mobile TransactionManagement, Transaction Relocation, Handoff


Due to the negligible impact made by data transmission delay compared with handoff delay, mobile transaction analysis models do not take it into account. As multi media information services become a rapid increasing need, the amount of data make the data transmission delay a significant issue in mobile database transaction management. To support such data-intensive applica tions efficiently mobile database transaction manage ment schemes should consider the mobility of mobile hosts in terms of the data transmission delay in addition to the handoff delay. In this paper, we propose a new mobile transaction analysis model taking into account the data transmission delay, and further suggest a dy namic mobile transaction management scheme based on the behaviors of mobile hosts. According to this scheme, the mobile transaction manager will have to determine whether or not the transaction control be moved along with the movement of mobile host to minimize the overall communication overheads. The analysis model is verified by measuring the overall communication overhead caused by handoffs.

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