2DS: A Two-dimensional Scheduling Scheme for Data Broadcast

X. Kan, K. Asada, A. Iizawa, and K. Furuse (Japan)


digital broadcast, scheduling aglorithm,response time, 0-dimensional scheduling model


This paper proposes a scheduling scheme for push broadcast services in digital broadcasting. In previ ous work, scheduling was considered a problem of one dimensional allocation focusing solely on the time di mension. We redeļ¬ne the problem as that of two dimensional allocation, with both time and bandwidth of the data taken into account, and propose a scheme called 2DS, designed for digital broadcasting. The paper dis cusses a method of determining the optimal broadcast in terval for each data item in two-dimensional scheduling. Beyond that, we propose a scheduling algorithm based on the estimated optimal broadcast intervals. Perfor mance evaluations verify effectiveness of the proposed scheme.

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