An Intelligent Prefetching Policy for Interactive Video Applications

C.-M. Huang and T.-H. Hsu (Taiwan)


Caching, Proxy, Gateway, Continues media,VCRLike Functions, Data Mining, Prefetching.


The randomly and unpredictable user behaviors during a multimedia presentation may cause the long retrieval latency in the client-server connection. To accommodate the above problem, we propose a prefetching scheme that using the association rules from the data mining technique. The data mining technique can provide some priority information such as the support, conīŦdence, and association rules which can be utilized for prefetching continuous media. Thus, using the data mining tech nique, the proposed prefetching policy can predict user behaviors and evaluate segments that may be accessed in near future. The proposed prefetching scheme was implemented and tested on synthetic data to estimate its effectiveness. Performance experiments shows that the proposed prefetching scheme are effective in im proving the latency reduction, even for small cache sizes.

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