An Active Database System for Receiving Broadcast Data

T. Terada, M. Tsukamoto, and S. Nishio (Japan)


Active Databases, Data Broadcast, ECARules


In recent years, many broadcast and communication satellites have been launched to start various new services, which at tracts a great deal of attention on data broadcasting system us ing satellites. In such systems, the volume and variety of data being broadcast will increase significantly. This results in a growing demand on a system that stores a large volume of data and presents the necessary information for users in an efficient way. Highly motivated by such requirements, we propose the super active database(SADB) system which is a data receiving system based on an active database in this paper. Since the use of active database can increase the flexibility in describing the system behavior, the proposed system is well suited to receive and process many types of data. On SADB, the receiving op eration management and the received data processing are sepa rated from the rule processing unit. As a result, the SADB can process a great deal of data faster than the conventional active databases.

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