A Study of Performance Testing of Web-based Systems

H. Leung, S. Liang, K. Chan, and M. Li (PRC)


Performance testing, Web-basedsystems, response time


Performance is an important factor in the success of a Web-based system, and response time is a key measure of performance, especially from the user’s perspective. Response time can be measured during performance testing using testing tools. However, if we do not properly perform the test or fully understand the many dependencies of the test environment, the results may be misleading. It is important to understand the characteristics of response time. In this paper we present a study of the relationship between the response time of Web transactions and the number of users, the effects of network traffic and the test configuration. We found that response time increases linearly with the number of users. Response time is also affected by the time of testing. Our results also confirm the advantages of automated testing over manual testing when doing performance testing.

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