A Web Annotation System with Access Control and Evolutional Restructuring Capabilities

T. Saito and K. Tanaka (Japan)


Web Annnotation, Access Control, Collaborative Web Authoring


In this paper, we propose a collaborative web annotation system, which has an access control capability based on au thor’s intention about user annotation activities. The pro posed system also has a capability that aims at realizing evolvable web pages according to user annotation information. In order to do the above, we designed and implemented an annotation control language by which the Web page-authors can define constraints of their users’ annotations. We describe the syntax and the semantics of the an notation control language that control user annotating activities. Moreover, the proposed system has a kind of evolutional capability by which the content of a Web page can evolve according to the user annotation information. The proposed mechanism provides a new collaborative web authoring environment and a new style of communication on the web publication.

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