Web-Chat PHP Based System Using MYSQL Database as Interactive Communication Media on Daskom On-Line

A.A.P. Ratna, J. Samuel, and L. Bayuaji (Indonesia)


distance learning, synchronous learning. Web-Chat, PHP, MySQL, real-time


Web-based distance learning is commonly used due to its flexibility, efficiency, and interactive. The web-based distance learning system, Daskom On-Line, which has been applied in Electrical Department Faculty of Engineering University of Indonesia on Fundamental of Computer course 2000/2001, is based on asynchronous learning method. In this paper we develop the synchronous learning based-method with aim to design and simulate Web Chat interactive media. In which the two-way communication between lecturer and student is real time. The media being use is the server side script program PHP and relational database MySQL. This media consists of two programs which are, Web-Chat program, which is a real-time interactive communication media between lecturer and student, and a Web-Chat system Administrator program to control the Chat process.

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