Creating an Application with W2000, A First Step Towards a Complete Framework

I. Contursi, R. Paiano, and A. Pandurino (Italy)


Web Applications, Methodologies, Hypermedia,W2000, Microsoft .net


Asserting that it’s absolutely necessary to turn to an organic design phase also for hypermedia and most of all Web applications, we intend to verify the effectiveness of a methodology like W2000 [1] [2], based upon the well-known HDM model [3] proposing a full conceptual design, by the development of a pilot application. We also want to check if it’s practicable to build a framework, in order to guide the developer along all the development, making the phases as automatic as possible. In this paper we describe the reasons and the goals of our work, during its working out, as well as the results we already got. We expose the guidelines that helped us making choices and the problems that rose and are still under analysis or made us stop, modify something or roll everything back and start again.

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